Feeling Fluffy?

Are you ready to make a lifestyle change? Maybe you’re unhappy with your weight. Or, you’re not sleeping well and are tired of feeling tired and sluggish. How about the prescription medications you may be taking that come with a high price tag and lots of unpleasant side effects?

Join us for the LEAN Lifestyle & Weight Management Program with Paula Renninger, M.S., Fitness and Nutrition Coach. LEAN stands for: Lifestyle, Education, Attitude and Nutrition.

Knowledge truly is power, and through the LEAN program, you’ll learn to lose weight logically and sustainably. This 12-session program will arm you with the tools to reduce cholesterol, improve metabolism, manage thyroid and various other symptoms and increase energy.

For more details and to register, contact Paula at 724-372-5803 or lifefitservices@gmail.com.